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New Sales Funnel Page – Breaking News At “Staged Reviews”

As usual, brings you the latest news on getting paid from your social networks. I talk to the programmers on a daily basis and staged is about to release a new capture funnel and capture page. This new sales funnel will get your leads and prospects to join you through the staged demo directly from your capture page. In the past, the capture page wasn’t very useful, but now anyone who fills out your staged capture page will be immediately issued a free trial account.

This new capture form is going to ask for their name, email, phone number and Skype ID. So now you’ll be able to make easy contact with your prospects in a casual, non-threatening way. So you heard it first here at staged… You’ll be able tohelp them to get started with staged and get them to upgrade to a paid version so they can earn you some solid upfront and residual commissions!

New Twitter Building Tool
Here’s another exclusive bit of news from Staged will soon be releasing a tool that will allow you to grow multiple Twitter accounts instead of just one. You’ll have the ability to harness all that power of Twitter and attract

traffic and leads 24/7

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